As StarDogs Team, our vision is to work with qualified team members, being open to new techniques and ideas, always searching for better, believing in continuous development and the miracle of positive thinking.

And our mission is to introduce “Positive Training” and therefore “positive thinking” mainly to the pet owners and trainers but also to the rest of the society as well, to welcome anyone who is willing to learn, to establish a conscious pet-culture in time.

Trainers Academy has been one of our first activities started in Turkey. Positive Training is not only a way of training but also a philosophy and a way of life as well. In this Academy, we want dog-lovers who are devoted to do something good for the animals and nature and who are ready to work hard to improve themselves reach us and get the introductory steps to a new and promising profession. We say “it is promising” because dog owners are getting more aware of the importance of positive dog training each day. A dog is like a child to a real dog lover and no mother or father wishes her/his child to be trained with force.

If you love dogs and if you are also interested in learning a new and growing profession, feel ready to follow international progresses in the field, please reach us at [email protected] and send us your CV. We will keep you informed on our next Trainers’ Academy.

Other services we give are mainly “positive dog training” through our trainers who graduated from our Trainers’ Academy, DailyCare and HomePension.

DogTraining consists many different study subjects such as potty training, basic obedience, advanced obedience, individual lessons, group lessons, behaviour therapy programs etc. It is better that you get a free consultancy visit from our trainers and we decide what your dog needs together after this first visit.

DailyCare is simply a service of “dog-walking” which lasts about 1 to 1.5 hours daily. If you need assistance for taking your pet to vet or groomer, this can be included to the service too.

HomePension is a kind of accommodation service that we give to our member dogs. In this service, your dog continues living freely at a “dog-lover’s” house as a guest during the time you’ll be away. Being away from you is not a pleasant feeling for your dog anyway. But being tied up or put in a cage makes it even worse. So, at least knowing your dog will be free, comfortable, well cared and loved during your absence can also make your vacation a little bit more enjoyable.

We have also other services like DogCast. If you believe your dog can be a star in a film or on a billboard, please contact us to add him/her to our cast.

As the website will be updated very often, we will not translate every issue to English here. But if you have any questions related with dogs, please reach us though [email protected] and we will reply you back as soon as possible. We have many positive dog trainers in our team that speak different languages. If we have the service you need, we’ll certainly help you; if we don’t have that service, we will at least try to lead you to a trustworthy colleague.

StarDogs Positive Training – Turkish Team